According to the Consitution, the Imperial Parliment was to be above the Imperial Senate in making laws and important activities near the Monarchy of the Empire. The Parliment in it's self can vetoe anything that the Imperial Senate deems appropriate or inappropriate for laws and unlike senators Parliment members do not officially represent a territory or Imperial Subject but represent the Empire as a whole. 


Parliment is headed by the Prime Minister of the Empire and is under full jurisdictian and authority by the Emperor. The Empires residents elect new parliment members every 100 years and once a member of parliment they shall remain so under oath till death. 

House of LordsEdit

The House of Lords is the Parliment Building which is located on 1500 Downing Street St. Bishop, Bat Kingdom, Russia. According to the Imperial Consitution like the Palace the House of Lords does not represent an official territory but a home and estate of the current reigning Monarch.

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