The Imperial Palace of Hoboken is the Official and Main Residence of his Imperial Majesty of Hoboken. This is one of the oldest residencies in the Imperial Homes List. Hoboken's largest residence is 4.9 million square Secrates


The Imperial Palace of Hoboken was ordered to be built in 8998 B.U.K. to replace the ancient castle used by the Ancient Batese in the Ponce Ages when the Ponce family controlled Hoboken. When the Velez family conquered the area was renamed from the City of Ponce to the City of Hoboken. For the new family that took control they built a home more magnificant than that of the ponce family

Through the AgesEdit

The Palace has undegone more renovations than any other Imperial residence in the Imperial Palace Trust. The Palace has survived more than 2,000 battles and more than 25,987 bombardements. Yet every time the Palace still stood. It was this structure that gave the insparation to many designs and construction projects throughout the kingdoms of Gaban to with stand war.

Current UsesEdit

The Current uses are still used to be the official residence of the Imperial Family Velez-Ponce. When the Family is not at the residence it becomes one of the finest palace museuems in the planet.