The Emperor Ismael I Imperial Library, is the oldest public/private library in the world. It is located in the oldest city on the planet and is the oldest and one of the largest buildings in the World. Within the Great Temple of St. Bishop, it stands in power and might of the mighty United Kingdom. It is the only library to maintain old scriptures of the old Batese Language. It has a collection of every last book and scroll ever written on the planet. In all the languages of the planet of Gaban and a few books in the languages of planets in the Galactic Federation. Under Imperial law, the library must have at least one copy of every book published in the planet in order to be published under law.


No one knows officially who or how the library started. What is known is that it is a religious and holy site in which some of the oldest religious writings have taken place. The Library is owned and maintained by the Temple of St. Bishop the largest and oldest temple complex in the world as well as the entire people of the Empire. Each queen and king that has ever ruled on Gaban has donated countless books and opened up smaller sections to the library and has expanded it over the centuries and thousands of years.

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