The Imperial Highway System is the United Kingdom of Russia and Jurassic Prk as well as the Gabanian Empires largest and most complex road system. But their are more railroad tracks and more railways than highways as cars are slower than even the slowest of the planets transport trains.


The Imperial Highway system was started by the first Empress of the Gabanian Empire Theodora I. She built hundreds of thousands of miles of roads which would later on lead to millions of miles of railways to help connect and link the vast stretches of the Empire. The longest of these roads and perhaps the most important Road/Railway is JP-1 which links Jurassic Park City to St. Bishop Russia via Hoboken's stop to board rail cars to pass the Hobokem Mountains.


Over 1 trillion people have been forced to work for the empire to build the highway. It was once said that every time a person died they were dumped ontop of the ground and had Stones and Crypontine dumped on them. The roads were built mostly by Gainese Slaves as well as convicts and often slept in poor conditions. Still to this day new highways are still built using this system. Although road maintenece is done by the Imperial Department of Transportation.

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