Hoboken Interplanetary Airport

The Airport and Space port is the most important and busiest center of Trade for the Empire and planet. All flights coming from other planets must come through here as St. Bishop is to cold to allow flights and Athens to has religious codes that forbid allowance to ports or trade centers.


Just after the Royal City of Hoboken was founded, the Airport was built in it's border of limits to allow for trade and flights to entr and exit. But it still is faster to ride the train than fly on planes.


The Airport can hold hundreds of trillions of cargo that enter the planet. The Cargo that enters is usally luggage, Exotic Supplies, and Slaves. Anything else is considered to dangerous and is changed to to the Port.

Star ToursEdit

Perhaps the Largest and Busiest Interplanetary Cuise and Flight Service in the Known Universe, Star Tours Calls the HIPA it's home. It maintains it's central hangar here and offers surface to most known systems. It's Fleet is registered here and keeps her port of call here.


The United Kingdom of Russia and Athens maintains the Airport and List it under the code HIPA 45670-DB