High Priest St. John XVI (440 B.U.K.-1010 A.U.K.)was one of the longest serving High Priest in the Athenian Temple system. He saw the coronation of two Emperors and over 40 Kings and queens. He served the temple for over 998 years. He was named a Saint by the Order of Sainthood of Athens.

Early LifeEdit

St. John XVI was born Johanas Pius Vorksy in St. Petersburg, Bat Kingdom in 440 B.U.K. His family was ppor and had to give him up to the Temple were he learned to be kind and gentle to the poor of the Nation.


He was elected High Priest in 12 A.U.K. when the Prior High Priest James XXV died of Age. He was elected because of his contributions to the Temple and by popular vote. It was the first election to have been televised and the first time the viewing of the Green and Red smoke was seen by all the Athenian people.

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