Her Majestys Navy of the Republic of Gain & CaliforniaEdit

is the second strongest navy in the planet of Gaban. Only second to that of United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico and Snelly's Imperial Navy. The Navy is headquarted in Havana, Gain.


The History of Her Majestys Navy goes back to the days of the Gainese Revolution back in 1232 A.U.K.The first battles for independence from the Russian's was in the winter of 1232 A.U.K. in the Bay of Havana. The Gainese lost dramtically but were given a pity from the Russian's whom gave them a partial independence under the Commenwealth Realms Act of 1278 A.U.K. The Gainese since then on have maintained there navy into one of the finest in the world.


The Fleet of Her Majestys Navy is composed of 378 Royal Company Star Destroyers ; 8,789 Aircraft Carriers; 100,989 battleships; 1 main battle cruise(H.M.S. Havana).