Havana is the worlds second oldest city and the second most populous after St. Bishop. It is home to the worlds busiest port and one of the worlds busiest transportation hubs. It is also the headquarters to the Hogwarts Express Company and Isbel-Gain & Co. companies.


It was founded and inhabited by the people of Ancient Gain at about 2 billion years ago. This city is one of the largest and densley populated ever built. It is the capital city to the Republic of Gain & California and the State of Gain.

Port and Other Points of InterestEdit

The City of Havana Port Authority is the largest one in the planet and one of the busiest in the known universe. The City is home to some of the oldest temples in the planet and is home to some of the oldest pieces of writings in the world. The People of Havana run the Gainese Museum, one of the largest, oldest and biggest museums in the known universe. It also contains many fasmous pices of history and art. The people of Havana love the arts and the city has over 2,000 museums, 34,000 art galleries, and 600,000,000 theaters.


Havana is and will always be one of the most important cities in the planet of Gaban. The Imperial palace of Havana is one of the oldest and still inhabited palaces in the planet. When the queens are not using the palace the royal coat of arms does not fly over signaling that the palace is open as a museum and for tours.