Her Majesty's Ship Havana is the largest water going Naval Ship ever built. Before it has called the Havana it was the Imperial Navy's HES Athens. It was later sold to the Republic of Gain and California Navy. The ship was built in 1121 A.U.K. in honor of the city of Athens and to celebrate the 10,000 years of the Empreress reign. It sank in 1321 A.U.K. after a battle near the Island of Gain. It was re-raised and re-built in 1322 A.U.K.. It was then recomisioned the HMS Havana as a gift to the Emperor and Emperess twin daughters who were born in Havana, Gain that same year.


The ship then served the newly formed Republic of Gain and California during the California-Florida War I. It managed to stay afloat after 124 torpedos struck the ships hull. IT was then repaired and continued her service. Havana was refited in 1399 A.U.K. to look like a regular Crusing Yacht when she was not in service. Since 1403 the HMS Havana has serviced the Isbel Gain & Co. Honeyduke and Pepi cola company on trading between Gain, California, and Nova Havanique. It's Port of Call is the Port of Gain, also known as the Port of Havana.

Recentely the Havana has started service again as a Naval Ship due to the California-Florida War II. The war this time has been mainly around the Bay of Havana which has proven a great advantage of the ship. The ship has a crew of 180,233 civillians, 383,298, active Millitary personel, and 555,890 saliors. The ship can aslo carry an additional 600,000 passengers as a cruise ship. The ship can carry 459,278,998 gallons of Plasma Enriched Fuel. It can also carry 3,218,425 cargo crates, 245,980,345 pounds of raw or processed honeyduke, and as well as 690,789,242 gallons of fresh Pepi Cola. The ship weighs over 1,989,234,458,980 Gain Gigakilos or 1,989,233,429,980 metric tons. The HMS Havana's sister ship is the HMS Savannah which were re-built together and are just 1 foot apart in length.