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His Imperial majesties Secret Service is the premier secret service of the Empire. Established in 1689 B.U.K. The Agency known around the galaxies as MI6 is the most important counter intelligence and informative division of the Imperial Navy. Under the guidance of the 501st Legion of the Imperial Navy of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens , the agency specializes in espionage, counter terrorism in both domestic and foreign policies. 


The Agency was established by Parliment on the 6th day of the 18 month of 1689 B.U.K. then known as the 65,789 year of St. Bishop by the Imperial Parliment of the Russian Empire. At first its mission was to protect the Russian Empire from threats and attacks by the Athenian Empire, as it collapsed, the agency focused on other more broader forms of security. Up until 1238 A.U.K. , the Imperial Government, as well as Parliment refused to aknowledge the exsistence of MI6. 


The Headquarters of MI6 is in the Securities building in St. Bishop, Bat Kingdom, United Kingdom of Russia and Athens. It was built as Fort Leon in 1236 B.U.K. to accomadate the expanding powers of the agency. 


Although the Agency's main purpose of function is highly classified its motto is as follows. " For Emperor/Empress (Depends on the current Head of Government) , Country, and the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena, All Eyes And Ears Wach For Thy Enemies. 

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