H.M.S. Toro is a Toro Class Plasma powered submarine. It is the pride and joy of the Republic of Gain and California's Navy. It measures 2500 yards long and is capable of going on longs dives and missions for up to 250 years without needing to surface or refuel.


The Toro Class submarines were originally the Vladistock Class Plasma Submarines of the Russian Imperial Navy. But during the second Gainese-Russo War the gainese navy was able to capture three of the Vlafistock Submarines. Her Majesty the Queen Isbel I of California commsioned the submarines to go under retrofitting and become the Toro Class Submarines. The H.M.S. Toro was the first submarine to be retrofitted to the Republic of Gain and Californias Navy's Classifications.

Gainese-Russo WarEdit

The Gainese Navy was able to use the H.M.S. Toro during the war and claim it to have been its pride. It is said that the Submarine is the cause to the H.I.M.S. Dreadnaught to have sunk off the coast of Athens in the Biscayne Ocean. The Submarine was a major player in the Invasion of Molvania and the Invasions of the Northern Russian coast as the submarine was used as a submerssable Troop Carrier.

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