The Great Temple of Marvel is the Kingdom of Californias Second Largest Temple after the Temple of Paris. It was built in 1435 B.U.K. when the Gainese Conquered the area and was changed from Tellawowian to Athenian structure when the Athenian Navy conquered the area now known as the Republic of Gain and California. Although much of the original building was torn down and rebuilt by the Athenians you can still find many of the ancient structure still standing.


The Temple was built in 1435 B.U.K. and took 10 years to build mostly with Russian Slave's and prisoners of war who built this monument for the Gainese Victory and to Honor Tellawow for their victory in conquering the area. It later was rebuilt when the Athenians came marching in 200 years later during the Reign of Empress Kiki of Athens.


The Temple rises into the Sky above Marvel and by law must be the tallest building in all of the city. It is about 3,559 feet above the sky or about 17,962 Secrates or 2 Macromaters.

Religious SignalEdit

The Temple is the main headquarters to the Californian High Priest which stretches south of Paris down to the City of San Joquain were the High Priest of Havana comes into command. Since the fall of the Empire of Athens, the Temple has gone from Athenian back to a Tellawowian Temple. It is the third largest Tellawowist Temple in the world after Havana and Parisis Temples. It also dedicates to the Goddess of War Mars, who legend has it the King Prayamose XIV prayed to on the day of the battle to build Marvel.

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