The Temple of Athens is the largest temple in the Athenaism religion. It is the head of the religion and is the temple that controls the religion. It is in the city of Athens in the kingdom of Athens. It is the oldest building in the city of Athens and the largest Temple in all of the Planet.

Athenas PalazzioEdit

The great Goddess Athena lives within the temple in a section called Du Pallazio Di Athena Diozza Di Le Shinto. It is only allowed entry by the Priest. It is considered the greatest peace of the Temple and is considered to be full of gems and fine pieces of art. It has been home to Athena since Athena told the Priestesses to build her the temple dedicated to her.


In order to enter the temple you must enter through a serious of baths to cleanse all impurities and all evil spirits which you may be bringing into the home of Athena.



The Temple according to the Big Book of Anceint Gabanian Fables must be pilimigraged to once a year to mark the beggining of Holy Month. Each year the temple is host to all of the Gods and Godesses. Most people are required to own a home in Athens for this purpose.

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