The Grand Senate Building A.K.A. the Jurassic Park City Courthouse, is one of the largest buildings in the Republic and the Planet. The Senate building is were the Imperial Senate meets, The laws are passed, and the trials are made for crimminals. The Building was built after act 1690.747 was passed into law and the constitution was passed allowing the senate to be formed

The Building was the tenth building to be built in the heart of the Jurassic Park City's Capital Complex. It was built in 1 A.J.P and was passed down to the Empire of Gabans use. But when the Empire fell it was put into the use once again of the Republic of Jurassic Park.

Today it is used as the meeting place of the republic's senate and the Jurassic Park City Courthouse. The Building is one of the most richly decorated buildings in Downtown Jurassic Park City.

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