The Godzilla Whale is the planet of Gabans largest marine mamal but not the largest animal. The largest animal would be the Godzilla it's self. The Gozilla whale is found all over the planet and can move from salt water into fresh water without anyproblems. These animals never stop growing and have been a major food sorce to the Shinto people for hundreds of millions of years


Fossil records show that the Gozilla Whale appeared in the Rivers of Tellawow Island at around 67 Million Years ago, in 66 million B.J.P. There have been no fossils found under the sea floor due to the high acidic levels of the ocean floor making decompisition of animal carcasses faster than those in low acidic waters.


The Shinto Word for the meat of the whale is called Tuna. After the Skin, Blubber, and oil is removed, it is considered to be the most expensive part of the whale. Tuna is often a very dark red meat. Sometimes depending on the oil content it will be black. The more red the Tuna is the more valuable the price on the Whale.


The Whaleing Industry is one of the oldest industries on the planet. The Republic of Gain and California is the only nation on the planet that does not care about whale protection and allows hunting on it's waters year round. The United Kingdom of Russia and Jurassic Park offers hunting only in the Western Gabanian Ocean prior to the Mating season and only give out 10 tags to hunt almost any sized whale for a period of 2 months. Only of course after a fisherman has recieved the proper paper work and has payed for a license that can cost about 2,000 shells.

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