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The Galactic Federation is the governing body of much of the Known Universe. Although they have no say or judicial boundaries on planets and their goverment, the Galactic Federation can help financially and during times of war offer support if granted by the Federation Assembly.


No one officially knows how or when the Galactic Federation was formed and founded. But it has been the leading force to colonization, peace and exploration. The Mission of the Galactic Federation has been ongoing and new civilizations are always joining the peaceful alliance. They have taken a part in ending wars on planets and constantly enforce peace among all member systems. To date over 35 billion systems are member systems to the Federation. Every Planet has one Embassy and the headquarters is on the mega space ship known as the Grand Council Ship. Where from here all Galactic Federation workings are done.


The Grand Council is comprised of one delegate from each planet or system if only one planet is inhabited. The Council is the main regulating body in the Galactic Federation. They take care of all regulations and votes on subjects ranging from trade agreements to regulation of travel across the systems.

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