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The Gainese Revolution is one of the worst revolutions in Gabanian History. It is the cause of both Gainese-Russo Wars. The Gainese Revolution is the idea of the Gainese people being the leaders of the world as well as of their own selves. The revolution is led by the Queens of Gain and California but has also been led by violent anti-Imperial Republican Revolutionaries.

History Edit

No one officially knows when the Gainese first appeared on the planet of Gaban. But since their appearance their has been a major rift between the Gainese and the Shinto people. As of such the Gainese have been at war with the Shinto since they began to spread. The Revoultuion in essence is in actuality the Gainese-Russo War.

The Red OctoberEdit

October of 1789 was the beginning of the revolution. Russian Imperial Navy troops entered the Gainese Republic and killed millions due to their protest. This made all Gainese people and even Ga-Russos angry with the Empire. So began the era of Red October, and the Gainese Saying, Remember Red October.

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The Queen of Gain first met the Gambini's when they were a wealthy and powerful banking family. As tensions grew with the Gainese the Russian Empire closed all of the Gambini Banks. The Gambini's instantly became a powerful leader in the Revolution. Spreading their wealth into purchasing a powerful army known as Gangs gang and becoming the most corrupt and crooked crime family in the history of Gaban.

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