Since the adoption of a Republican Government, the Molvanian Flag has destroyed its Russian Imperial Coat of Arms.

Gainese Molvania, also known as the Gainese Kingdom of Molvania, or to the Russian Empire as Occupied Molvania, is the current state of the Molvanian State. The nation is currently in a verge of civil unrest as Molvania has been Russian since day one and the presence of Gainese Republican Navy Soldiers is a very stressful situation for the Molvanian People. Devout Athenians, they have been forced to convert to Tellawowism by force. Also the country is at war with the Ewok and Wookie Nation, these wars are called the coffee wars and are based on who's coffee gets grown were and expanding the territory of the rich Guadalupe mountains.


The Gainese people landed in Molvania as a major campaign to divert the Russian Navy into the Western Gabanian Ocean was underway. Molvania is rich in oil and minerals which the Republic of Gain and California was in dire need of as West California was not in their hands until 2 years after the Molvania Campaign ended. Molvania bordered the No Mans Land line of the Eastern Gainese-Russian Border. The Current head of state for the occupied was crowned Queen, the infamous war prize Emma Ross. Who is considered by many Russians and Molvanians to have sold out her people and land.


The economy of Gainese Molvania relies heavily on the mining industry and the trade of coffee. Respectively Molvania is the second largest producer of Coffee in the world and the largest economy of any of the current states in the new Empire of Gain. Even before the Gainese invaded Molvania, Molvania sits south of the Line of Slavery. Any nation or territory south of the line is able to conduct slavery. So Molvania has been a hub of slavery and import and export. Molvanian Slaves are highly valued almost as much as other Shinto Slaves for their ability to work long hours and to reproduce rather quickly. Honeyduke is another major export although their is only a small portion of the country that can actually produce the crop.

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