Unlike mainland supercontinent Tellawow Island, the island of Gain was mearly left alone with a flourishing soceity known as the Ancient Gainese. These people created their own calender known as the Gainese Calender which is still the official calender for the Republic of Gain and California.


The Gainese Empire was once one of the most technologically advanced the world had seen and sprawled across the Tropical islands of the Carribean Ocean. It was these people who over 50,000 years ago developed a calender that is used by them. Since there Empire lied under the land that never sleeps, they could not tell when the sun fell. So they could only tell when the planet moved from sun to sun passing all Five Suns in the year. Unlike the Athenians who devised a 1095 day calender, the Gainese developed a much longer 10,000 day calender. As every 10,000 days there is a short 5 minute period where all of the southern side of the planet goes dark. The Northern part remains the only true side that never sees sunlight and remains dark. Never has it been recorded that light penetrated the sky.

Religious SignifiganceEdit

It was said the Goddes Mayhem gave the ancient king Telapolo I a calender in his sleep. She said that it was to allow the people know when Misteif would cause earthquakes.

Start Edit

The Gainese Calendar starts at 1 G.C. which literally means the first year of the Gainese People. There is no B.G.C. in the Gainese Calendar. Currently the Gainese Calendar is at year 51345 G.C.

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