The Gainses-Russo War II is now one of the longest and worst wars on the history of the planet of Gaban. Strictly speaking a continuation of the Gainese-Russo War I, it has become one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of the planet, affecting tourism, agriculture, and countless industries. 


There are multiple causes of the war. One the kidnapping and murder of a high Russian Commander. Two a terrorist attack on the Imperial Senate Building in St. Bishop, and another attack on an Imperial Navy Ship from Athens on 4 Athena, 1804 A.U.K. 30 years after the last shot was fired in the first Gainese Russo war. According to the Gainese the War was launched because the Russians would not allow them to trade in the United Kingdom. Nor the fact that the Gainese where not allowed to rob the Shinto people as slaves.

First Battle Edit


The Imperial Navy of the United Kingdom was the first force to attack from air and sea, and immediately into the Espana Desert. Sadly the Battle of Marvel proved deadly and almost catastrophic to Russian forces. Nearly 80% of all Imperial Naval Ground Forces where wiped out by the intense gun fighting.

No Mans Land Edit

With no clear victor in the war, the Gainese and Russian government came to an agreement defining the border between the Republic of Gain and California and the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico and Snelly. This barrier is known as no mans land where much of the fighting goes on and is a mere death wish for a soldier to cross on the line. It is laced with countless land mines and explosives.


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