The Gainese-Ateano War was an ancient war that lasted from 478-465 B.U.K. The war was a major victory for the Athenian Empire making this the peak of their civilization. The war helped nearly quadruple the size of the Athenian Empire with the gulp of the vast majority of the Gainese Empire after the end of the war. The War is creddited as being the End of the Egyptian Era of Athenian rule under the Gainese.

Events Leading To The WarEdit

During the period of Expansion for the Gainese Empire, they encountered the Athenian Empire. At first trade and peace ensued, but with the rise of the Emperor Lavitabian Octobrus to the Athenian Throne, the Gainese grew weary of the new Emperor and believed he would attack the Gainese. The intentions of either side were unknown for at the time the two empires shared the same religion, the Gainese Empress Patricia Andalusia Caballero, changed the official state religion back to the Ancient Athenaism religion. The Gainese Empress ordered three ships in the Biscayne Ocean to fire upon the port city of Tellawow. The city was well suited for an attack and fired back to the Gainese Ships which instantly busted to flames. Instantly, both Empires declared war upon each other. The Gainese Empire at the time outnumbered the Athenian Empire in population having 10,000 Gainese to 1 Athenian. Somehow, the Athenians were able to use all of their citizens to combat in the war which the Gainese were unable to do as much of their population were slaves who were not allowed by religious beliefs to fight the war.

War BreaksEdit

The Athenian Navy was sent out from all over Athens towards the Everglades were much of the actual war took place. A treaty made earlier by the Emperor of Athens stated that the war should not take place in neither Havana nor Athens City. This agreement stood. It is believed that if the agreement had not been made, the Gainese would have won the war and the war would have lasted for more than 8 years.

Pax Gainese-Ateno Edit

Pax Gainese-Ateno was the official end of the war on 6 Jonduary 465 B.U.K. When the Gainese Empire left the Athenians for good. The Gainese declared that they no longer would view Athens as a colonial power or that they would seek revenge upon the Athenian people. That they would allow the Athenian Culture to flourish at peace and that they would be able to keep their own nation. With this, nearly 350,000 years of Gainese Rule came to an end and the Gainese Empire fell into years of inner turmoil, eventually leading to the formation of the Republic of Gain and California. With peace secure Empress Kiki founded the Kingdom of Athens which would last for another 400 years before the Unification of a United Kingdom.

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