Gabanian Solar System

A Computer generated image of Gaban's suns and how it revolves around them.(white line)

Gaban has a total of five suns. It takes 1095 Earth day, or three years, for the planet of Gaban to revolve around it's five suns. It's suns names are Tellawow, Athena, Ur, Gaboo, and Garoo. The Tellawowian galaxy formed about 6 billion years ago. The Gabanian solar system formed at least 5 billion years ago. Gaboo and Garoo are twin suns which formed during a freak accident with an ancient star called Callot, collided with Ur. Ur broke off a little bit but Callot split and two and formed Gaboo and Garoo

There are thousands of planets large and minute all circling these stars. At night the reflecting light from the suns form a unique bioluminescent ecosystem at night. The average time of day light last 32 hours.