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Slaves being sold at the market

 The Havana Slave Exchange is the oldest, largest, and most productive slave exchange in the world. It sells over 1 million slaves a day and breeds, feed's, and maintains over 10 million more.  The building is located in Havana near the famous slave trade district. It is the oldest one and is often considered as the oldest known slave exchange in the Gainese Sphere of influence. The Slave Exchange is ran by the Priest of the Great Temple of Tellawow in Havana and run it's daily operating services. About 1 % of the company is owned by the government solely to control the amount of slaves and pricing that can be undertaken.


The Slave Exchange was started as early as 4567 B.U.K.. by either Gainese or Egyptian Era Athenian Priest but it is uncertain as both languages at the time used the same M and N in there alphabet. Since the language was not changed until 456 B.U.K.. After the Invasions of the Athenian Empire, the Slave Exchange became a major leader in the Gabanian Slave Trade. Over time as new colonies were formed and the territory surrounding the Temple and Exchange, the slavers became wealthy and the sales of slaves were becoming more and more valuable and available. Today the Slave exchange serves as the finest slave exchange producing the most Valuable slaves as well as the cheapest. Under Article 478.980 of the Slave Law, The Slave Exchange cannot be shut down by the government for any reason as it is  ran by a religious institution as well as a Important organization such as this that produces such amounts of wealth may not be shut down or the penalty would be to great in the Imperial Court.

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