The Gabanian Calendar is a very complex calendar that spans 1095 days. The time it takes for Gaban to revolve around it's sun. This is a list of the Calendar and it's dates. Note, this does not include religious or state holidays only the month and date counts. There are a total of 30 months is a Athenian Calendar Year.

Gabanian CalendarEdit

The Gabanian calendar has been used for thousands of years by all civilizations since the first people walked the planet. Each day is calculated by the 72 hours period that the planet moves rotates it's axis. The time and dates are collected and measured by the grand temple of St. Bishop and Athens respectively.


Athena(Month)- 200 days

Jonduary- 35 days

January- 47 days

Hatikvah- 20 days

Tellawow (Month)- 38 days

Sasham-19 days

Sabax- 14 days

Sabatt- 16 days

Sabath- 21 days

Poseidein- 4 days

Shabat Shalom- 40 days

Xitzupolitizi- 31 days

Trallact- 30 days

Shallom- 30 days

Florida (Month)- 42 days

Seminola- 38 days

David- 9 days

Alesh- 44 days

Kimi- 31 days

Naja- 37 days

Februrary-27 days

March-45 days

April - 33 days

June- 27 days

July- 31 days

August-34 days

September-20 days

October-31 days

November-31 days

December- 100 days

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