Gaban Planet

Gaban Planet from space. Notice the Blue Moon next to Gaban.

Gaban Planet

Gaban is a planet located in the solar system of Tellawow. It is populated by 498 trillion people both Gabanian and Human. It has one thousand moons and revolves around five suns. The average tempature on Gaban can be anywere from 1,000 degrees farenheight to -490 degrees farenheight. Gaban is mostly covered with dense tropical rain forest. Only after the mountains does the planet turn into boreal forest and evergreen forest. Also towards the north the island of tellawow comes to tundra and extrimily cold deserts.


Gaban planet also has to giant oceans and many smaller seas, bays, and gulfs. Gaban planet is famous for it's extreme weather conditions that change constantly. This can be blamed on the lack of a proper gravitiational pull and a poor atmosphere. Gaban has five suns. Gaban also has over 1,000 Moons which can easily be called Marks. Marks is Athenian for Moon or Luna for the Shinto or Oshaboo for the Gainese. But everyone and the United Kingdom considers the Moons to be called Marks. At least 400 of them are able to sustain life and at least 378 of those have been none to have established cultures, economies, and goverments.

Geology Edit

The Planet of Gaban has no Continents, there are no words describing Continents on the Planet. There are many large islands, the largest being the Island of Tellawow which in it's self is controlled by many kingdoms. It was made over billions of years by volcanic eruptions. The second largest island is that of Trail (aka Gain) which encompass the entirety of the Republic of Gain and California's state of Gain.


The only two religions on the planet of Gaban is Tellawowism and Athenaism. The largest religion worshipped on the planet is Athenaism. It's largest temples are located in Athens.Tellawowism is the main religion of the republic of gain and california.


The Goverment in the planet is divided through many different Kingdoms that control portions and regions of the planet. The Planet of Gaban is a proud member of the Galactic Federation which maintains an Embassy on the Planet's largest city, St. Bishop.