GaRussos are a ethnic group within the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico, and Snelly. These people have a Gainese Father but a Russian Mother. Currently GaRussos only cover a percentage of 0.00235% of the Russian Popluation and most of them live near Little Havana, St. Bishop, Bat Kingdom.


During the First Gainese-Russo War millions of Gainese people fled their nation to come to live in a new Gainese only territory on the island now called Little Havana on the mouth of the Jurassic Park River. Many young Gainese men fell in love with Russian Women who worked there and married them. Causing a mixed race all of its own. GaRussos are not to be confused with RusGainese.


According to the most recent Imperial Census, the population of GaRussos has increased by 14% at a total of 12.8 million people. Or about 5% of the population of Little Havana. The Population though by law is allowed to leave to mainland Russia because they had a Russian Mother unlike RusGainese who have a Gainese Mother. But many have prefered to stay and live in their tightly knit communities.

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