The Free Republican State of Lyon is a Gainese state in the Kingdom of California. Lyon is the most poplatedd state in the Kingdom of California and is home to the city of Paris which is it's capital. The Government center is also in Paris and has close ties to the Califronian capital of Marvel.

History Edit

Lyon was inhabited by the Shinto People during the early first of the 15,000 B.U.K whom called the region Alaskum. Gradually the region became a rich farming community and was a part of the Kingdom of Russia. In 1579 B.U.K. the Gainese Emperor Agustine II raided as far North as he could, which at the time was the southern border of the Kingdom of Russia, and captured the territory as his own. Enamored by the area he called it Lyon, Gainese for land of rolling hills. Gradually the region became an important center of trade and art in the Gainese Empire. To date, it has remained one of the most important territories in the Republic of Gain and California.

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