The Ewok People are small forest dwellers from the Eastern Portion of the island of Tellawow. They are very intelligent creatures and have a well structured goverment. They are found within the Kingdom of Athen's Northern Border with the Kingdom of Russia.


According to the Scrolls of Athena, the Ewoks were born from the Godess Kimi. They have been around for at least 1.5 billion years. They are famous for there food and great intelligence. They believe in the Athenan Religion.


The Ewok people are there own race, have there own government, and are basically free to do as they please on the Imperial Senate. They are a member of the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens, and Puerto Rico, although they are also a member of the Gabanian Empire and the Galactic Federation. Currently some 56 Ewoks represent the 42 Tribes in the Imperial Senate. 


The Ewok peoples are very religious and thus believe strongly in the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena. Ewoks consider the Mother Goddess with the highest regard, although they also revere highly the Goddess of the Forest Kimi whom of course gave birth to them.