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The Espana Peninsula is one of the largest Penisulas on the Mega Continental Island of Tellawow. It is very hot and arid and once was a desert. Thanks to Daming Projects off on the Tellawow River many smaller canals and rivers have been able to be created to transport water into the Peninsula making it into a semi arid forested area.


The University of Havana at Brown has concluded that the Peninsula in fact is not a penincula but a semi Island for it only has one foot of hard Volcanic Rock that separates it from th rest of the Island of Tellawow. It is believed that eventually the Espana Peninsula will become it's own Island as the Island of Gain and the Espana Peninsula drift further South each year by one Seacrate each year. It is inhabited by Black Lions and may have been inhabatied by Gainese Peoples as early as 5 Billion Years B.U.K. but it is uncertain as the fossils that have been found barely resemble anything.

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