The many Cliffs and Steppes of the Espana Desert these rise up for more than 3 miles.

The Espana desert is the largest and only desert in the planet of Gaban. It is also the oldest geographical feature on the planet. Having been made barren by the Goddess Athena.


The Espana Desert once spread from the Cape of Kiki all the way to the California Mountains to the North. Thanks to the Dam and flood control the desert is now forest and farms. This desert was one of the most important outposts in the ancient times of the Gainese Empire. From the southern end of Cape of Kiki to the Madrid Plateau, the Desert is seemingly lifeless and dry.


The Espana Desert is the driest place on Gaban. It is believed that it never rained in the desert, nor did any river run through the southern end. The heat is so intense and the land so dry that life can not be seen for miles in the Southern end of the desert known for it's lifeless scape. The only life on it is a military base controlled by the Imperial Navy of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens. Towards the less dry region of the desert the life seems to slowly come back. Desert Banthas, dragons, wooly lions, black lions, and countless snakes, lizards, other reptiles, and countless of insects.