Empress Amneris B.(10 January, 18328 B.U.K.) D.(26 December, 18067 B.U.K.) was and is considered as the greatest Queen of the Kingdom of Athens. During her reign Athens saw its power increase and became the wealthiest and most powerful kingdom of the ancient world. Amneris was born to the great Pharohh Ramses II whom united the Kingdom of Athens from the ancient Citta to the outer Cittas and smaller kingdoms. Under the reign of Queen Amneris, the Kingdom adopted new laws and created peaceful means, also the Royal Armada of Athens was chartered by during her rule. She Reigned from 18204-18067 B.U.K.


Early Life Edit

Queen Amneris was born to the Emperor Ramses II of Athens and his wife Empress Nephartadi I on the 10 Janauary, 18328 B.U.K. She lived much of her early life in the Palace of Athens and attended the School of High Priestesses as accustomed by Religious doctrine in the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables. Sadly Queen Nephartardi died without a son, and on her 16th birthday Princess Amneris of Athens, became first in line to the throne. On her 18th birthday, at the age of 1067 King Ramses II the Great died. Leaving his daughter Amneris, the throne and a threat of invading Gainese Empire.

Coronation Edit

The Coronation of Queen Amneris took place during the 18th day of the 18th month of her 18th year. The Coronation took place in the Great Temple of Athens and was finalized at the Pyramid of Ramses II. Where the speech of coronation began, "A King is Dead, Long Live the King! A Queen, his Daughter, now takes his place. Long Live the Queen. May she rule fairly and kind as her father did. LONG LIVE THE QUEEN!"

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