The Flag of the Empire of Gaban.

 The Empire of Gaban was formed after the Constituion of the Empire of Gaban was signed in 15 A.U.K. This document formed a unitary Empire that would be the representative state to the planet of Gaban to the Galactic Federation. Although technically the same government as the United Kingdom of Russia, Athens,Puerto Rico, and Snelly, the Galactic Federation sees this state, as the Empire of Gaban.


The Empire of Gaban was formed in 15 A.U.K. after the Constituion of the Empire of Gaban was formed. This allowed the empire to form as a representative state to the Galactic Federation. Its first and current Emperor is Emperor Alexander Pontivov of St. Bishop.


The government ofthe Empire of Gaban is very complex and stretches through out the enitre Gabanian Solar System. It's capital is St. Bishop on the pplanet of Gaban. With many other sub capitals on the many smaller kingdoms and republics  that form the Empire. It is a unitary-parlimentary-Constituional Monarchy with a Emperor as its head of state. The Emperor of the Empire has no power and is more ceremonial in the matters of the Empire. In fact the Government has no say over the other kingdoms and republics they are just a represenative to the life forms on Gaban.


The Economy of the Empire of Gaban relies heavily on Tourism, trade, mining, and sadly although outlawed in 50 states the Galactic Slave Trade. Also Millitary power and machinery is a major upstarter to the economy of the Empire. Its millitary is ranked as one of the top millitary powers in the Galactic Federation. It is also one of 100 original permanent members of the Galactic Federation Security Council.


There are only two relligions practiced in the Empire. They are ranked by the largest to smallest worshipped. Athenaism is the Official State Religion and only truly legal, however Gainese immigrants worhip Tellawowism as their faith.

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