Emperor Ismael I ( July 17, 1789 B.U.K.- Athena 38, 1456 B.U.K.) was Emperor of Bat Kingdom and the Dragon Empire. He made many advancements to the Imperial State and moved the Royal Capital to Hoboken. During his reign, Bat Kingdom was a puppet state of the Chang Dynasty, the ruling family of the Dragon Empire. As such he is not a part of the list of important rulers or claimants to the current Gabanian Imperial Throne.

Early Life Edit

Ismael I was born on July 17, 1789 B.U.K. in St. Bishop. He took up the reign after his father Emperor Luis XXXIX died in 1756 B.U.K. Unlike many other Emperors, Ismael I never went to war or served in the Imperial at all. But he did strengthen the relations with the ancient Athenian Empire and weakened the Imperial Navy which is why so much of the old Empire was invaded by the Athenians. Although he is considered the reason why the Athenians invaded in 1329 B.U.K. But he is remembered as a good man who never left his people behind.


Emperor Ismael I died on Athena 38, 1456 B.U.K. in his sleep. His funeral and wake lasted 1 year. He was buried in the Tomb of Emperors in the Great Temple of St. Bishop with most of his ancestors.


Emperor Ismael II built a massive monument to the Emperor who is remembered as a pacifist, and is called the pacifist monument by the people who dislike him, in Hoboken. Many of Hoboken's streets are named after him as he later moved to the city which he so dearly loved. The Palace of Hoboken has a wing renamed after him.

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