Perhaps the most evil but must secure security and Goverment body in the entire planet of Gaban, the people of Gaban fear them. The Bureau as it is more commenly called, controls every last movment a citizen in the planet or a visitor makes. They are the only people who can do it. Just like the 501st legion they share the same tradmark hat. It is believed that these hats allow them to use their powers and stop others from trying to get into their minds.

The Bureau is able to produce and cunduct every last adjustment that a person makes on the planet. Many people fear them because of their power. But the Shinto people seem to have no effect on them which makes them very superstitious when they are near an agent. For this reason most of their work is down in the southern hemisphere of the planet. They can move through doors and any place on the planet as easy and as fast to them as possible. For millions of years they were believed to be the Demi Gods of the God's and Godesses of the Planet.

The Bureau has offices in almost every corner of the Globe and have a strong say in almost all forms of goverment and politics that happens throughout the planet. The Bureau's headquarters is in St. Bishop although it is also believed that they live amongst the God's. For this reason much of there work is unkonw, secret and is considered very dangerous and Dark magic amongst the people of Gaban.