This is a Book By Aleshko, High Priest of Miramar

Book LLI: The Story of Man Edit

The Mother Goddess Pallas Athena created man from the Holy Rivers Water. It was from here that she created the first breath. But man was lonely. So the Mother Goddess Pallas Athena came down from the heavens and became Man's wife. With the two married, Pallas Athena became pregnant with a son. This son's name was Bishope. The first Shinto Man born. After Bishope Three daughters came, Kimi the eldest, Aphrodite, the beautiful, and Ur, the Hunter. The family was happy and continued to grow. Kimi married Bishope and they had Twin sons, Poseidein and Neptune. They would later become God's and Rule the seas. Poseidein Married Aphroditie and Neptune married Ur. Ur gave birth to Persues and Vesuvia. Aphroditie gave birth to twin daughters Cleopatra and Daniella. Perseus married Aphrodites daughter Cleopatra.

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