The Battle of Fundy Bay was a battle fought between the Gainese Navy and the UK Imperial Navy from 3 of March 1987 A.U.K. and 19 of May 2013. The Battle really wasntt considered a true battle as it lasted so many years. In essence it was known while it was going on the Fundy Offensive. The Bay of Fundy is an important military zone for the Russian Navy and the Gainese knowing this attempted to launch an assault to gain the Fundy Islands about 6,000 miles south of the Tortuga islands and just off the southern peninsula of West California. For years the region had been under Gainese rule and was originally a part ofthe Gainese Empire until the fall of it during the first Gainese-Russo War. The Bay of Fundy therefore became a national cry for the Gainese people and thus an offensive was undertaken by Admiral Bin Awaldid Asu Kasim. From March 1987 to early Jonduary of 1997 the Imperial Navy lost control of two of the 18 islands that make up the Fundy Archipelago. In 1997 the Imperial Navy began to seize control of the area again and brought itbackk to Russian hands. During the peace agreements of Nova Havanique in 2005, the fighting would be stopped on 9 of May 2013 and the Russians should leave 9 of the 18 ten days later. This established the Maritime No Mans Land Line. A Demilitarized Zone On the Big Island of Fundy was created seperating half and half the largest ofthe Fundyislands as well as the administrative regions. As of now it is the only peaceful border crossing in what is know As the No Mans Land Line as 97.9% of the Fundy Island Populations remain Fundlier Gainese.

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