Bat Kingdom

The Flag of the Kingdom of Bat's.

Bat Kingdom is one of the oldest kingdoms the Planet of Gaban has ever seen. Bat Kingdom was founded at least 400,000,000 B.U.K. For many millions of years Bat kingdom controlled the North Western Portion of the Island of Tellawow. The Batese People known as the Shinto People united there kingdom with the Dragon Empire froming one of the largest Republics the Planet had ever seen. 


The Kingdom of Bat Kingdom was founded at least in the year of 400,000,000 B.J.P. which would make it one of the oldest civiliaztions on the planet. It is the largest of four kingdoms that build up the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens


Since the dawn of it's beggings it has always been Athenian and was the first nation to be totally Athenian. It's patron Godess is Athena who has protected the Kingdom and the Cities since the begginings of the Kingdom it's self.


The Goverment of the Kingdom is controlled by the Absolute King of the Kingdom. It has a prime minister and Parlament. It's Goverment structure is the same as the rest of the United Kingdom of Russia and Athens . It's Goverment is headquartered in St. Bishop, Bat Kingdom, Russia, United Kingdom of Russia and Athens The Current King of Bat Kingdom is his Royal Majesty His Majesty Jonathan Alexander Pontivov of St. Bishop.