Baptism is a very holy and ceromonial process conducted by all priest in all the temples across the planet. The proccess was begun by the Holy St. Bishop. It is a very ceremonial practice and is often thought to be the welcoming of the person into the Athenian Community. It is said that once you are baptized you may believe in the will of the godess.


This is the passage from Book XXXVIII of the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables. " From these waters, oh I, Mother Godess Pallas Athena, shall give you the light and vision of my will and word. You shall commence whenceforth into believing in me and bend to my will for I have given you freedom. Cleanse your evils in this holy water for I have given you my word.


In order to be baptised, one shall remove their shoes before entering the holy water. If being baptized on Lake Athens or the Tellawow River, you shall remove your shoes far from shore. You shall remove all articles of clothing and be ready to bathe in the holy water. You shall offer sacrements to the Mother Godess Pallas Athena and her Daughter, Kimi Goddess of the Lakes, Rivers, and the Forest. You shall be led by the hand of Athena ( A Priest) into the water were you shall repeat the following: "Oh Mother Godess Pallas Athena, Mother of All, I, Your Humble Servant Do Solemnly Swear To Worship and Believe In You and No Other. I shall Listen To Your Word and Of That Of Your Children. In the name of My Mother, Mother Godess Pallas Athena, Amen". Once this is done you shall submerge your entire body under the water, were you shall now be pure.

Tellawow RiverEdit

The Tellawow River is the Holiest River of all. As it's head water is the Great Lake Athens, the holiest body of water on the planet. Both make the holiest sights outside of the city of Athens. Therefor countless Temples line the shores. Temples for the sole purpose of Baptism and of Worship to the Mother Goddess, Outnumber Temples devoted to Mars, Poseidein, and Kimi alone.

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