The Havana National Bank 683312 i0
 Bank of Havana is the second largest bank in the world and is the wealthiest bank in the world in terms of profit. The Bank is a strong member of the Galactic Federation Financial System. All members to the bank can make transactions and use their bank cards and money in the UK of Russia, Athens, Puerto Rico and Snelly but are limited only to the denomination of the Kilo.

Bank HistoryEdit

The bank is the newest bank in the planet and was formed after the break away from the Republic of Gain and California away from The U.K. The bank was founded under Imperial order for it to provide monetary funds to the Republic for a total of 100 years if needed to establish a healthy economy in the new republic. Also the Kingdom decided that for now the only availible currency to the Republic shall be Kilos which shall be minted in the Bank of Havana.

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