The Babushka is a head covering that all Athenian and Batese women wear. By law all women in the United Kingdom must wear it to show their religious beliefs and to signal respect to the Mother Goddess Athena.


The Babushka has been around for as long as the Shinto race has exsisted. The Babushka has been a symbol of Gabanian Women for generations and is commonly bought by tourist visiting the Planet.


The Babushka is a very simple cloth in the shape of a triangle. It is usally made of cotton, silk, or wool. The Babushka is then place over the head and tied under the chin to cover much of the womans hair and back giving a clear expression of the face. In more modern times younger women have wanted to show off a little more hair. But the design has been left the same for thousands of years. All Babushkas are made by hand and unlike a Kokoshnik, woman can have more than one Babushka.


By Law all women are to wear Babushkas when out in public and in the home. Only when a woman sleeps or bathes may she take her Babushka off. When preparing for Marriages, a Bride must wear a solid white Babushka signifying that she is finally ready for marriage.

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