Augustus is the God of the Sky and Heavens. He was the first of many husbands of the Goddess Athena. He is protector of the Sky and the Heavens, known as the home of the Gods and Heroes of the world. Augustus is the son of a Shinto woman and the God Ur, god of the Sun which bares his name.

Book XXIEdit

In the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables, the holiest text in the Athenian and Tellawowian Faiths, the story of Augustus is as follows. Augustus was the son of a Shinto woman named Josephina and the son of the God Ur. Ur disguised as a Shinto man, slept with Josephina who later discovered she slept with Ur. When Augustus was born, it was said that the Gods ordered him to become the God of the Sky.


Augustus has the power to control the sky, cosmos and the Gates to the Gods Domain Heaven. He like his older brother Tellawow have the power to Throw lightning bolts on the planet.

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