An Athenian Wedding is the same type of wedding for both Russians and Athenians. The ancient tradition of a marriage from a man to a women has been an ancient tradition practiced by young couples. A Wedding takes place when a Male proposes to his soon to be wife.


When a couple has been together for a few years, it is not surprising that both families try to marry off the young couple. The tradition of the proposal done by the male has always been kept. The young man must ask permission from the eldest woman, the head of his soon to be wives family. Also he must ask permission from the woman's parents, both father and mother unless one or the lather is diseased. He must offer gifts to the woman's family. And only by direct judgment of the head of the family may he be able to propose. One he may have permission the man shall place a ring on the woman's left Ring finger. Which can be of any metallic substance and can carry any precious stone or wood. In turn the woman shall state that she wants to be married.


From the point of proposal the young couple may begin to plan for their wedding, although they may not live together until they are married off. How long, depends on when they can marry one another as soon as possible, and whether they plan to save and get ready to move in together.

Wedding CeremonyEdit

The wedding is a very holy ceremony. Just as in the proposal the head of the family shall bless the bride to be. The groom may not see his bride to be until she walks down the aisle. The ceremony shall be done by a priest who offers blessings to the young couple in which he or she shall offer the couple an eternal marriage. The man shall now place the wedding ring on his brides right ring finger. As well as tie a rope around both of eachothers arms signifying the eternal bond that shall take place with the couple.

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