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The Athenian Navy was an ancient Navy that protected and fought wars for the Athenian Empire. It was one of the smallest Navies of Ancient Gaban, yet it was big enough to be the strongest and most powerful Navy until it was defeated by an even smaller Navy called the Batese Navy.


No one officially knows when the Athenian Navy was founded but what is known is that it has been around since the Ancient City of Athens formed. The Athenian Navy produced many of the great navigators the planet of Gaban would ever see. The ships were the most famous and fastest ever built. At it's peak the Empire used the Navy to control almost all of the planet and all of the Oceans. It was so powerful it defeated the Kingdom of Snelly to gain full control of every last ocean on the planet. Eventually the Athenian Navy at it's peak held over 17 trillion enlisted personal.

Lost ShipsEdit

The Lost Ships were a group of Athenian Navy Ships that sailed to visit and capture the city of St. Bishop. But along the way they would only discover that the oceans froze in the north making the only way to capture St. Bishop over land. The Ships were lost to the Frozen Northern Ocean and were never seen from or heard from ever again. Recently a team of divers with the Batese Royal Navy, discovered what could be the Lost Ships using a Submarine, but the Shipwrecks look to new to be the fabled Athenian Lost Ships.


With the Unification of the Athenian Empire in 1 A.U.K., with the Russian Empire, the Athenian Navy was disbanded and its officers lost their ranks and were given new ones in the Newly formed United Kingdom of Russia and Athens Imperial Navy. The Athenian Guard is the last remaining regiment of the ancient Athenian Navy. There only sole purpose is to be the ceremonial protection of Athens.