Two members of the Royal Athenian Guard

The Athenian Guard was once the most powerful millitary force in the planet. Today they act as the symbolic guards of the City of Athens and the guards of the Athenian Embassy's around the planet. The Athenian guard was founded during the Egyptian Era of the History of Gaban. Since then they were famous for their bravery and their ability to be able to protect and defend the city and her people.

The Guard also serves as a Peace Keeping force most of the time. Since the absorption of the Kingdom of Athens into the United Kingdom, the Royal Athenian Guard, according to the 567 Article of the Consitution shall constitute to being a special military institute within the Imperial Navy of the United Kingdom and when called upon may act as a first line of defense to the Kingdom of Athens, her interest, and may create and establish foreign military bases in the Kingdom of Puerto Rico and the Kingdom of Russia if it shall do so. The Kingdom of Snelly forbids any Imperial Naval base within it's borders. 

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