Angeles, California is a city in California's, Guadalupe Peninsula. It is the sister city to Los Angeles.


The city of Angeles was founded in 878 B.U.K. as a Gasinese Settlement. Angeles is Gainese for Angels, which are a major part of Gainese Religious beliefs. The city has grown very slowly since then as it is located on cliffs and around mountains.


The City is located over 1,000 feet above sea level in in most places lies 3 miles above the sea cliffs which it lies next to. The city has no port as it is too high up for it to be reached by boat. As well as the Northern Carribean is infamous for being dangerous to navigate as well for the high waves and jagged cliffs that surround most of the Guadalupe Peninsula. The only ways to reach the city are by train, plane, spaceship, or car.

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