Republic of Gain and California

Flag of Ancient Gain. Recently it was named the flag of the Republic of Gain and California

Ancient Gain, also known as the Gainese Empire was once one of the most powerful and most enflunicing Empire of the Ancient Southern World. They traded with all the lands and introduced us to the products of Honeydew and Pepi Cola. These people also gave us the modern language that we know today and they were the first civilization to have a perfect economic structure.



It is believed that after the Gainese(people) evolved from the black lions they started to communicate and live in small villages. These villages eventually bacame cities on the Island of Gain. The people then began to form complex forms of communicating and began there own culture. This took at least 3,500 years to accomplish. Afterwards the Gainese people began to construct an Empire taking over and controlling all the villages on the island of Gain. By 35.5 million B.U.K. the Gainese were in control of all of the island of Gain. They soon built boats and crossed the Carribean ocean in order to discover more islands which held different varities of the delicate Honeyduke.

Government Edit

The Government of the Empire of Gain was an absolotue monarchy. No senate existed, no powers where vested into any regent or commanders of the Gainese Army. The power of the government was concerned in the Emperor or Emperess of the Empire of Gain.


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From the start Ancient Gainese believed in the Tellawowian Religion called, Tellawowism. They believe that the God Tellawow Created them and that they were designed to be inferior to all other life forms on the planet of Gaban and the Universe.


The greatest universities on the planet have no collections or items of art from ancient Gain. There are ruins uncovered but much of the wonderous art written in the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables by high Priest Johan Conban in his travels stated that the entire Empire was covered with art and beautiful architecture. No traces of such art or architecture has been found but in the sketches of Johan Conban.


Ancient Gainese is very similar to modern Gainese. How ever nothing remains of Ancient Gainese writing as it was destroyed by the Athenians and Russians during the Gainese-Ateano War. Much of what is known about ancient Gain and especially the Egyptian Era is because of translated works by the Ancient Athenian Empire.