Gaban Planet

Gaban Planet

The Story of Gaban starts many millions of years ago near lake Athens. There the first Gabanians walked from the lake Tellawow and formed the first civilization and called there city Athens. Also across the planets northermost side in St. Bishop the first Shinto People walked along the frigid lands of the Northern Lands


Soon the Gabanians moved out and started settlements far away. Both Cultures started there own languages and forms of communication. They all had something in common though, Fishing was the center of their economy and culture. Without fishing they could not eat.

Civilization BeginsEdit

In 478,987,344 B.J.P. the Ancient Athenians learned to draw and recdord history on walls. The only problem was that they could not move it or pass it on to other people. This would all change in 478,456,322 B.J.P with the invention of Papyrus by the Gainese. This would be a breakthrough for all of the cultures of the southern portion of the planet. The next big thing was that every culture had it's own language that none of the others could read or understand. This was another job for the Gainese who traded with almost all of them. They formed a simple alphabet to which all the languages could be written into. Remeber how easy it was to learn your ABC's? Thank the Gainese, they invented them.

Shinto ConquestEdit

The Shinto people were the first to begin using technology and minerals to build vast churches and buildings. Soon the Shinto began to Conquer their neighbors and formed the first Empires and Kingdoms. The Shinto were cold blooded though and prefered to stay in the colder regions instead of entering the far southern portions of the planet. Soon the Gainese lost their former Glory and would not be heard for for another few billion years by any civilization.

Athenian EraEdit

The Athenans later became a more powerful culture and conquered their neibors to the north in 400,456,890 B.J.P. and until recentely ruled all of the cultures of the planet of Gaban. Technology has advanced since then but it is the progress and spirit of the Gabanians that has made them one of the most powerful cultures in the universe.