The Ancient Athenian Empire was one of the largest Empires to inhabit the planet of Gaban. Many advancements in technology and politics were formed during its reign. At its peak the Athenian Empire rose from the Southern parts of the ancient Gainese Empire to the Tellawow River near Hoboken and from West Califoria to the city of St. Augustine. The Athenian Empire technically never officially ended, it was always officially just a Kingdom. So the modern Kingdom of Athens, is what remains.

Early HistoryEdit

According to the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables, Athena told the Shinto People, that they could leave the North if they so wanted and so they did. They arrived at the Shores of the Holy Lake Athens and upon sight, declared the western shore their capital. Here they built the original Citta Atena, Athens. The Athenians would rule peacefully and trade with their fellow Shinto people. This would continue for millions of years until the Gainese arrived to the scene. The Athenians would build the largest empire up until the unification of all the Shinto Kingdoms in 1 A.U.K.  

Aegaptos Edit

The Egyptian Era began around 356798 B.U.K. when the Gainese entered the Kingdom of Athens by force of the Gainese-Ateno War. With the Athenians defenseless and the Russians too far away to protect the Athenians, the Gainese won and claimed victory. Luckily the Temple of Athena in Athens managed to send the Big Book of Ancient Gabanian Fables out of the Kingdom towards Russia where it remained for thousands of years. The Gainese renamed the Athenian Kingdom to their language thus Aegaptos became the crown jewel of the Gainese Empire.

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