2000px-Emblem of the Военно-Морской Флот Российской Федерации.svg

Logo of the 501'st Legion

The 501'st Legion is the Premire and best soldiers in the Imperial Navy. They are in charge of protecting, defending, and surving the Emperor. They also have the job for imperial and state security. Their main job though is the sould protection of the Imperial Family, Goverment Officials, and Visiting Dignitaries.

Battle of the Bats/HistoryEdit

The Battle of the Bats was the legions first defensive victory. They were formed by the crowned prince of Bat Kingdom. He formed them because he saught for the best soldiers in his kingdom to fight against the Ancient Athenian Empire. The 501'st legion took down over 700 million men of the Athenian Navy with only 501 men. Since then they have become known as the most feared Millitary Force in the World.

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